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Public Involvement Tools & Tips from Mackay SpositoPublic involvement at its core means to involve the public. Public involvement is really about creating a connection, listening and responding.  The challenge is that creating connections is as different as each of us.  It cannot possibly be a one size fits all approach.  It is simply not a checklist with tasks. It is about people with different perspectives, different experiences, different opinions.  The most talented and skilled Public Involvement communicators are chameleons.  They can juggle the needs of many, with an extensive toolbox at their ready.

We've put together a set of tools for you to use and consider in your next Public Involvement project. We'll be revealing new tools each month. Stay tuned for updates, and if you'd like to be notified when a new post is published, fill out the information on the form to your right!

 The Public Involvement Toolbox Consists of:

Toolbox Tip #1

Develop a Marketing Plan

In order to achieve your outreach goals you must have a plan.  Use a marketing plan as a guide to build your public outreach roadmap, identify and analyze stakeholder groups, prepare your schedule and detail the tasks to be completed. Read More

Toolbox Tip #2

Brand Your Project

Let's discuss the importance of establishing a “brand” for your project. These tips will assist you in connecting with stakeholders and garnering public attention. Brands are powerful for communicating the purpose of your project and the goals you hope to achieve. Read More

Toolbox Tip #3

Creating a Project Website

Keeping your stakeholders and the community informed of project status updates can be daunting; especially if you have several means of communicating with them:  i.e. social media, print material, agency website, etc. One great way to ensure... Read More...

Toolbox Tip #4

Stakeholder Database Made Easy

One important element of your Public Involvement effort is keeping track of all your project’s stakeholders. This can be especially vital when project funding and environmental processes require specific public outreach notifications (ex: SEPA or NEPA requirements).  Read more...

Toolbox Tip #5

Wear Tennis Shoes

Successful political campaigns depend on mobilizing people to vote.  According to the US Census Bureau, leaders running for political office shouldn't generally expect more than 60% of the constituents to vote.  So, aspiring politicians with the need to build name recognition among voters must resort to "door belling" -- a  concept I hadn't been introduced to until a couple of years ago... Read More..

 Toolbox Tip #6

Use Duct Tape

Duct tape your mouth closed.  Listen.  Learn.  Stop talking so you can hear from your stakeholders.  It is important that stakeholders know you can hear them and you are not feeding them a "line."  Demonstrate empathy.  Read more...


Toolbox Tip #7

Partner with the Media

Having the support of local media outlets and publications to assist in educating your project stakeholders and the public can be an added benefit to your project success.  You can also support efforts of media...Read more...


Toolbox Tip #8

It's All in How You Sell It

Your tool kit is complete. You have your marketing/outreach plan, a brand for the project, a website to share what's happening with your project, a database to record who you spoke with, duct tape to ensure you listen completely, tennis shoes to help you connect in person, and a partner in the media to broadcast the stories you collect. Now what? It's time to sell.   Read more...


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